Pashupati is a novel based on historical facts. This is a novel about humans' journey from beast to "the lord of the beasts". The novel is based on Indian literary canon - Vedas and Purans. Vedic gods Varun and Shiva ("the Pashupatis") have been presented as historical figures. The novel is published by Rajkamal Publication, New Delhi (India).

Stories and Poems

I have been consistently publishing in hindi magazines and news papers such as Kadambini, Vartamaan Shahitaya, Vishva Hindi Jagat, Pravaisi Sahitay, Manorama, Naidunia etc. The stories and poems are in collections around the world. Some of recognized and talked about stories are "Main Bonsai Nahi", "Mukti aur Niyati", "Pattal Banane Wali Muniya".

Some of well liked poems are: "Lahro ke Ankahe Bol", "Bund Aur Shabd", ",Half Man and My Voice", "Ashru Goutam Ke", Sati Ka Gan", "Shiv Ki Mahakaal Vandana" You can also read these poems on the web at rajshree@kavitakosh

About Me

Besides writing, I also love photography and graphics designing. My designs are available at www. Any profit that I make from my novels, stories, poems and designs goes to help in education of tribal children. I actively support my friends in their endeavors. Dr. Sushama Chitnis, a pediatrician, is working in Indore and nearby villages. She is providing low budget nutritional diet and cure for vitamin-D deficiencies to children. Ms. Vishakha Sapre is a superintendent of Indore Juvenile Hostels for boys and girls. Anuraag kumar who is educating children through nature's understanding.

You can always contact me by email: