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For Rajshree Malvia, writing is not a hobby but a commitment to spreading optimism in humanity. Her historical novel ‘Pashupati’, published by Rajkamal, a leading publishing house based in India, is a tale about how complexity, ego, and ambition lead to the destruction of a civilization. In this novel, Asur Varun and Rudra Shiva are two inspiring protagonists who portray a message of hope and humanity when facing destruction. It took her approximately twenty years of thorough research in various fields like anthropology, mythology, world religions, comparative linguistics, ancient civilizations, and Indian classical literature. This research helped her in understanding the Indus valley civilization and deciphering the Indus Script adopting a scientific approach.

Her profound insight of human nature is visible in all her stories as well. She has been publishing stories since she was in college in various venues, including newspapers and magazines such as Naidunia, Manorama, Vartman Sahitya, and Vishva Hindi Parishad’s magazines. Several of her stories are in various anthologies.


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