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An Enigmatic Indus Valley

Indus Script Deciphered

This work presents a systematic process of deciphering the Indus script.
Detailed comparisons between Sumerian and Indus languages (specially Marthi, Malvi, Nimadi, Rajasthani, and Gujarati) and Karen clearly prove that ages back, Indo -Tibetan family languages prevailed from Sumer in present-day Iraq to the Narmada River area in India.
After comparing the vocabulary, I drew a chart of roots and words. Indus script has many pictographs. I applied phonetic values to the Indus scripts.

A language is defined by its syntax, semantics, and phonetics. The syntax defines the set of valid sequences of symbols in that language.
The set of rules used to generate these valid sequences of symbols is called grammar. The test of decipherment is whether it is semantic and does it convey meaning.

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लहरों के बीच

Lahro ke Beech

A young idealist attorney finds herself on trial between her beliefs, convictions and reality when forgiveness and nonviolence become a haunted echo instead of a virtue. She could only liberate herself if she resolved this eternal dilemma.

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संस्कृति की खोज

Sanskrati ki Khoz

Have you ever wondered how myths were formed? Or How to understand symbolism, metaphor, and similes expressed in Vedas and Purans? Well, this book is a systematic effort to explain all such questions. After understanding the myths and symbolism of Vedas and Purans, it is easier to understand the composition of Hindu Dharma and Indian culture. The essays in this book will also present a comparative study of various races, deva-asuras, different languages of the Indian subcontinent, and world civilization.

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मैं बोनसाई नहीं

Mai Bonsai Nahi

Hindi readers are familiar with Rajshree’s name. Her stories, essays, poems were published in measure Hindi new magazine in India and aboard to name a few Naidunia, Manorama, Vartman Sahitya, and Vishva Hindi Parishad’s magazines. Mai Bonsai Nahi, Mukti and Niyti, Pattal bannane wali Munia, Mati ke putle have also appeared in Hindi story anthologies around the world. This collection presents her few thought provocative stories. Her profound insight into human nature is visible in all her stories.

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A Story of an Intangible Knot” Says it all that how the complexity of thought leads towards destruction. Based on a thorough research, the novel is a saga of humans’ journey, their coming out from caves, making civilizations and destroying each other. The novel is published by highly prestigious literary house Rajkamal Publication, New Delhi (India) and considered a milestone in the Indian literature by critiques.

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